It’s our passion that drives us to provide the best hearing care delivery solutions in the world. At Clear-tone our patients are our family. From coffee and cookies in the waiting room, to smiling patient service and hearing care providers, our entire focus is on making every visit to Clear-tone amazing!

Everything we do is intended to put patients at ease, and help them make the best decision for their hearing care needs

Clear-tone’s hearing aids are designed to eliminate traditional fitting challenges, improve fitting comfort and sound quality—and their reduced size creates a more invisible fit when placed in the ear. The hearing aids are digitally programmed and prescriptively fit to an individual’s unique hearing loss and lifestyle, making the adjustment to wearing hearing aids faster, easier and more comfortable. And because they are modular in design, there is no waiting–new Clear-tone customers can try them on and wear them home the same day!

At Clear-tone, our top priority is helping people hear better. No matter what!

Our clinic is a full service facility providing hearing tests, evaluation, consultation, and hearing aid fittings and services. The experience and compassion provided by Clear-tone’s front line team of hearing health care providers and staff is second to none. Our professional follow up program ensures success for new and experiences hearing aid wearers alike. As a Clear-tone patient, you will always receive the full support of our technicians and engineering team, assuring you receive the most perfect fit and repair service possible.

Once you’re a Clear-tone patient, you’re a patient for life!

With our highly trained and specialized staff, state of the art facilities, onsite repair and service, and commitment to serving our customers, it is easy to see why more Oklahomans trust Clear-tone for their hearing care needs.


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