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An Individual Approach

At Clear-tone™ we think of our patients as family, which is why our hearing aids are prescriptively fit to each patient's unique situation.

Our Hearing Care Professionals will help you understand your hearing loss, and then walk you through the process as you choose the best option for your lifestyle and budget. 

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Amazing Same-Day Results

Clear-tone™ invented the most popular style of hearing aid in the world. There are several things that make our hearing aids unique, the first being the ability to get hearing aids the same day you're tested. 

Other hearing aids require taking an impression of your ear to be sent off to a lab. That means waiting weeks or even months to get your hearing aid.

With our modular hearing aid design, we can quickly and prescriptively fit your individual hearing loss the same day as your test. Typically, the time from check-in to check-out with new hearing aids is two hours and sometimes even less.

The first step is to book a hearing test with us, so we can assess your hearing, explain your results, and then help you find the right solution for you

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