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We have relationships with every major manufacturer, so if there’s a hearing aid feature you want or need, we can get it!

  • High Definition Sound Quality – Like bringing color to sound!
  • Direct Wireless Connectivity – Get phone calls directly into both ears!
  • Dedicated Speech in Noise Settings – Hear and understand better in noisy environments!
  • Auto Environment Switching – “Smart” hearing aids automatically detect the environment and optimize performance!
  • Remote Control Apps – Adjust volume, memory settings, and more with your smartphone!
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids – Never mess with batteries again!

High Definition Sound Quality

When you have a hearing loss, often it’s the subtle sounds that go first. Many of our patients don’t even realize they’re missing out until they get their hearing aids for the first time. With the High Definition sound quality in Clear-tone hearing aids, you’ll be able to hear sounds you didn’t even know you were missing!

Wireless Connectivity

The world we live in is so connected now, why should your hearing aids be any different? Our hearing aids can connect directly to your smartphone, allowing you to change the volume, watch your favorite show, or even stream phone calls from your smartphone, directly to your hearing aids!

Automatic Environment Detection

Our daily lives are filled with multiple listening situations, from a quiet conversation with a loved one, to a more complex environment such as a noisy restaurant or place of worship. The Automatic Environment Detection feature adjusts to subtle changes in the user’s acoustic environment and automatically optimizes its advanced features to maximize your listening ability and comfort.


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